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Proverbs 18:10:

"The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run into it and are safe."


Forgive my grief...


Still The Same


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The scene the day after - outside Dale Earnhardt Inc.'s race shop


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The flag outside Daytona International Speedway 2/18/01


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DISvigil2.jpg (17601 bytes)

Outside Daytona USA 2/19/01


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Dale's father, Ralph Earnhardt's memorial


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Fans outside Richard Childress Racing


Hauler.jpg (17193 bytes)

The hauler returns...


AMS.jpg (36981 bytes)

At Atlanta Motor Speedway, respects are paid


MikeyW.jpg (3142 bytes)

Daytona 500 2001 Race Winner

Michael Waltrip

searches for the words...

"We'll miss you boss!" sounds about right


CalvaryChurchFeb22.jpg (16628 bytes)

Outside Calvary Church, Charlotte NC 2/22/01


DaleBeaverEulogy.jpg (40776 bytes)

Inside, as Chaplain Dale Beaver of

Motor Racing Outreach

gives a eulogy of Dale - the Father.


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3Es.jpg (18828 bytes)

Junior, Dale and Kerry

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wreck.jpg (19835 bytes)


last.jpg (26951 bytes)

The aftermath of the last lap wreck


Kenny&Mikey.jpg (21950 bytes)

Ken Schrader talks to Michael Waltrip

after the accident...


MikeyW2.jpg (14329 bytes)

#15 driver Michael Waltrip after his victory


Chocolate.jpg (20564 bytes)

Gas man Danny "Chocolate" Myers in shock -

his father and uncle died racing.

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"I'm Gonna Be Somebody"


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